BAQ - Bollino Alternanza Qualità

Samic has been awarded with “The Bollino di Alternanza di Qualità (BAQ)”, which is a an important acknowledgment received for the constant attention given to the themes of education for business culture.

Also during the school year 2017/2018, Samic welcomed lots of different students for “school-work project”.

During these days, we have experienced moments of comparison, growth and of diffusion of the important values of business culture, so dear to companies and to the people who work inside. We explained to the students,  who will become the future of our factories that “Business Culture” means change step, change skin, in one word contaminate with brand new ideas and set up to the change, which, paradoxically represents the only certainty we have. For the students, as well as for the company, get ready for the change means get ready to get opportunities.

We deeply believe that with initiatives of this type, the company plays a social role of leading importance in its territory, in which produces and allocates wealth.